Sunday, 29 March 2009

Weekend Bits and Bobs

Some very quick highlights from our weekend......
Ibolya's Mum's incredible Hungarian cake
and Hungarian chicken escallop with spinach.

On the train with Ruby to Richmond, to meet Sarah and go to.....

the 3rd Hampton Boy Scouts Jumble Sale! Our twice a year ritual, our first with Ruby.

some boy scout knots

We went back to Sarah's (in-between jumble sessions) for a tremendous lunch and met her monkey

and the lovely Daisy, Ibolya and Sarah's boss's dog

On Sunday we went out and about with Ruby and Ibolya's Mum. Ruby wore the hat I love that Helen Riley knitted for her.
Ruby with a magnificent Citroen DS we passed. Officially, my favourite car in the whole world.
Sunday lunch at The Paradise, for a pint

and a roast pork

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