Friday, 27 February 2009

Ruby's 12th Week

Ruby was 3 months old on Wednesday and she's had a very full and eventful week.

She's been practising lying on her front, heaving herself up and lifting her neck.Getting really good at mastering her hand-eye coordination and is now grabbing and holding things, including her feet.

She's also been working on those vital acrobatic skills with Mummy

and getting some rest and relaxation time with Josie, on the sofa.

On Tuesday she had her latest inoculation at the doctors but felt cheerful enough to dress up for Mother and Baby group on Thursday

and found herself unexpectedly coordinated with her best-chum Maisie

She's also received visitors, including Ingrid on Thursday and Helen on Friday.

Ingrid gave Ruby this lovely spring dress and she also received these wonderful gifts from Czilla and her family, from Hungary.

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