Thursday, 19 February 2009

Baselitz and Twombly

I really enjoyed seeing new work by 2 great old painters today. Cy Twombly, 'The Rose', at the Gagosian in Brittania St. and George Baselitz, 'Mrs Lenin and the Nightingale' at the White Cube, Mason's Yard.
It's exciting to see 80 year old Twombly taking a diversion in style and working on a monumental scale and I loved, 70 year old, Baselitz' intense, repeated, reworkings of an image of Lenin and Stalin, seen through Otto Dix.
The pictures, taken on my iPhone, aren't too hot.

Also good to see this rusty old Richard Serra at the Gagosian. Beautiful surface, like a Gerhardt Richter.

These were a couple of the new Baselitz'

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