Sunday, 3 June 2012

Goa Part Two

DSC_0023_edited-1 DSC_0004_edited-1 DSC_0056_edited-1 DSC_0069_edited-1 DSC_0076_edited-1 DSC_0092_edited-1 DSC_0126_edited-1 DSC_0147_edited-1 DSC_0155_edited-1 DSC_0164_edited-1 DSC_0188_edited-1 DSC_0198_edited-1 DSC_0199_edited-1 DSC_0285_edited-1 DSC_0271_edited-1 DSC_0306_edited-1 DSC_0318_edited-1 DSC_0320_edited-1 DSC_0340_edited-1 DSC_0357_edited-1 DSC_0384_edited-1 DSC_0370_edited-1 DSC_0368_edited-1 DSC_0389_edited-1 DSC_0390_edited-1 DSC_0404_edited-1 DSC_0370_edited-1 DSC_0455_edited-1 DSC_0467_edited-1 DSC_0474_edited-1 DSC_0512_edited-1 DSC_0560_edited-1 DSC_0596_edited-1 DSC_0651_edited-1 DSC_0678_edited-1 DSC_0682_edited-1 DSC_0687_edited-1 DSC_0722_edited-1 DSC_0795_edited-1 Here we go, this is the last lot of the Goa pictures. We were there 4 to 18 March and we stayed at Ashwem Beach, North Goa at the magnificent Yab Yum Resort. We had an incredible time and all the more for having Kate and Dan and all their family with us for the first 5 days of the holiday. But the best part of it was just having time for us all be together and finding out a lot of things i didn't know about Ruby and Lucas, like: Ruby can wash her own hair in the shower, she refers to everything in the past as happened 'a month a week ago', she can count to 20 and 3 in French, she has an enormous catologue of songs and when in the water with a peer; she is absolutley fearless. Lucas is obsessed by Peppa Pig, loves the Bing Bong song, Indians are fascinated by him, he's brilliant at building blocks and he can sing the happy birthday for hours on end.

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