Saturday, 18 April 2009


There's a fantastic shop down the road from us, off the Harrow Road, where we love to have a rummage at weekends. It's called Retrouvius and they've recently extended there premises and now occupy a shop front, connected to their old converted industrial building, behind.
There are always lots of things we'd love to buy but unlikely to ever be able to afford.

We both loved this Scandinavian sofa, just the thing we're after for our long room

and this fine chair would have gone really well with the sofa

Retrouvius build custom furniture, to order, out of reclaimed wood and I'd love to commission them to build us a family dinning table like this one, which is made from old science lab benches.

This wall, in the new shop part of the building, is made from cardboard shelves that were used in the old reading room at the British Museum.
Even if there's nothing appealing to your taste, it's still a wonderful and fascinating building to walk round.

This beautiful cabinet of stuffed birds was actually in the junk shop round the corner from Retrouvius, but I've stuck it in here as I liked it so much

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