Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Archery at Lords

DSC_0006_edited-1 DSC_0073_edited-1 DSC_0045_edited-1 DSC_0060_edited-1 DSC_0072_edited-1 DSC_0076_edited-1 DSC_0077_edited-1 DSC_0079_edited-1 DSC_0111_edited-1 DSC_0112_edited-1 DSC_0120_edited-1 After what Ibolya and I thought was a bit of an under-wealming opening ceremony (great ideas, politically sound, nice lighting of the flame - but we never felt moved or awestruck) we were dead excited about going to our first Olympic event, mens team archery at Lords. It was the perfect event for us, just a short tube ride away, an early morning start and only a hour or two of sport. Team GB got knocked out in the first match but we were very pleased to see Mexico go through, who we were supporting on behalf of our friend Irene.

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