Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lucas Standing

Lucas Standing from Robert on Vimeo.

It's been a big weekend for our little Lucas. He's only been mobile just a few weeks but he's now not only doing his first, technically, proper crawls but he's also loving standing and supporting his whole weight on his legs, as you can see in this little film. His 2 front teeth are on the painful cusp of emerging and he had his very first trip to the dentist on Saturday morning. But to top all these exciting developments, he gave us our biggest scare of our parenthood so far.
Around 5.00 on Saturday afternoon, when our backs were turned for a moment, he grabbed a sheet of his sister's star stickers and atet most of them. We only realised when we heard him choaking and trying to clear his throat. Ibolya grabbed him - threw him on his tummy, gave him some big back slaps and it felt like he was fighting for breath. Blood was in his saliva and the sight of that and not knowing if he could breath or not; made me call 999 for about the second or third time in my life.
By the time the ambulance arrived, I was still on the phone to 999,talking them through his condition but it soon became clear he could breath and although bright red and uncomfotable, he was returning to normal. The ambulance crew checked him and out and confirmed he was absolutely fine, his throat clear and everything had been sallowed. As a precaution they had to take him to hospital and abotu 2 hours later, we left St Mary's Paddington with Lucas fit and well but very tired and hungry.

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