Thursday, 21 October 2010

Paloma's Birthday Party








Final post from last weekend, for Paloma's birthday party on Sunday afternoon. One of the many unexpected delights about being parents, I wasn't previously aware of, is that you get to meet loads of other like minded people, with children the same age as yours, who live in the neighbourhood. So I really enjoyed this party, having lots of good Dad chat, with other Dads and seeing all our babies having a good time together and loving doing 'hop little bunnies'.

I didn't get to mention before that last weekend was a major landmark for little Lookie. Not only is he now taking a night time, bottle, feed from me but he has slept in his own room since last Friday night. He was also babysat, for the first time, by his Granny and Grandpa and on Saturday afternoon he giggled, a proper belly laugh, for the very first time. An amazing and very happy sound. He's also front-facing in his papoose now too.

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